The Trauma-Informed Toolkit for Educators Course

The Trauma-Informed Toolkit for Educators is designed to provide educators with a deeper understanding of trauma and its effects on childhood development, while offering a set of tools to help create supportive, healing centered, trauma-informed environments within a wide range of academic and recreational settings where students can grow.

In each training module, you will engage with the knowledge and practices that New York City Children’s Theater uses to train their own staff of Teaching Artists when teaching young people through a trauma-informed lens.

The Trauma-Informed Tool Kit for Educators modules will feature 9 key topics and explore the 6 key elements of a trauma-informed approach as outlined by SAMHSA, The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Welcome to the Trauma Informed Toolkit for Educators

Co-Host Sara Morgulis introduces the sections of the course, the experts who helped create it, and what you can expect to learn.

The Complete Course Curriculum

Module 1The Science Behind Trauma
Part 1Video Lesson 1: The Science Behind Trauma 
Part 2Module 1 Quiz 
Module 2Safety
Part 1Video Lesson 2: Safety 
Part 2Module 2 Quiz 
Module 3Trust and Transparency
Part 1Video Lesson 3: Trust & Transparency 
Part 2Module 3 Quiz 
Module 4Empowerment, Voice, Choice
Part 1Video Lesson 4: Empowerment, Voice, Choice 
Part 2Module 4 Quiz 
Module 5Collaboration and Mutuality
Part 1Video Lesson 5: Collaboration & Mutuality 
Part 2Module 5 Quiz 
Module 6Identity and Validation
Part 1Video Lesson 6: Identity & Validation 
Part 2Module 6 Quiz 
Module 7Peer Support
Part 1Video Lesson 7: Peer Support 
Part 2Module 7 Quiz 
Module 8Secondary and Vicarious Trauma
Part 1Video Lesson 8: Secondary & Vicarious Trauma 
Part 2Module 8 Quiz 
Module 9Self-Care
Part 1Video Lesson 9: Self-Care 
Part 2Module 9 Quiz 

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