Christopher Causey Headshot

Christopher Causey, MA, CTT (he/him)

Senior Expert Advisor

Christopher received his B.A. degree in Human Services from Saint Leo University with undergraduate focus in Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy. He earned his Master’s Degree at Webster University with a concentration in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapies and Experiential Therapies including mindfulness, Somatic Experience and Breathwork techniques. This blend of experiential therapies with his understanding of psychoneuroses and primal response allows for an ability to offer a unique blend of clinical expertise, easily adaptable to client/program/environment.

Christopher has worked as a trauma and sex addiction therapist for over 15 years. His experience includes facilitation of specialized sex and love addiction groups as well as recovery groups for co-sex addicts. Christopher has extensive clinical knowledge and practice with eating disorders, trauma resolution, sex and love addiction, co-occurring addictions, sexuality and gender related topics, and grief and loss.

Christopher began his career at The Refuge- A Healing Place, a pioneer in trauma based treatment, in 2007. He enjoyed working alongside leaders in the substance abuse, trauma resolution, and co-occurring addiction field for over seven years. During his time at the Refuge he helped create Spirit2Spirit, a unique trauma focused program designed to educate professionals and first responders in effective ways to treat traumatized individuals and groups. Christopher was also part of the original team of Spirit2Spirit therapists which were responsible for training some of the finest treatment centers in the United States and internationally. Christopher has been working as a Dialectical Behavioral Therapist for 8 years with Westside DBT Center in Los Angeles. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy being a modality that has long been proven to assist in combating the symptoms of PTSD, Anxiety, and Attach related issues through a skill set and daily practice of mindfulness.

Christopher is also well known for his meditations and mindfulness facilitation as well as his use of heart centered breath in a modified Holotropic Breathwork. This therapeutic modality is suitable for beginners, experts and trauma survivors alike. He firmly believes in practicing a treatment modality that encourages a holistic healing connection between mind, body, and spirit through the efforts of fostering personal empowerment and body acceptance.

During his free time, Christopher has created trauma focused programs for many organizations to assist in educating professionals, parents, teachers, and students on trauma, emotions, and the various ways we can be more strategic when encountering them in our lives and the lives of those around us. Christopher has been a part of the LGBTQI community since he began has work and it has been a drive through his own experience and a passion in assisting others who identify with community. He volunteered with LGBT Los Angeles for 5 years and the AIDS Life Cycle for four years. Christopher continues to work with these communities remotely now via zoom since relocating to Norfolk in 2020. In addition, Christopher has worked extensively with the New York Children’s Theater over the past two years to build a trauma focused curriculum to assist teaching professionals, students, and parents understand and cope with trauma and distress in their lives and the lives of those they work with.